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Camani begins its wide inspirations through the historical and mesmerizing story of Indonesia’s iconic scents, designing carefully crafted potions for rooms and spaces.


Pasir Jambu

A village in West Java famous for its green tea, Pasir Jambu releases calming properties, crisp and light across distant green tea hills, its scent carried by the light air, classic and ephemeral at the same moment.



Alia Jae

Rejuvenates and revitalizes, Alia Jae lends a citrus infusion to the charging elements of ginger, produced in Central Java. It recalls an extensive use of the spice and illuminates a space with healing ambience.




The iconic and ceremonial lemongrass envelopes Mahapengiri, an elegant complement to a space. Welcoming and reviving, it breathes subtle luxury made to last.



Akar Wangi

Deep and shadowed green vetiver produced in Garut district in Java resemble Akar Wangi as a contradiction of warm and cool. Exotic and distinct, its earthy freshness leaves a mystique to wonder.




A warm composition of fennel, coconut and cajuput oil, Gelam soothes and heals from the air evoking calmness into a space.


Series 2


As ethereal as a beam of light, Rami excites the senses with hints of fresh linen, a modern and universal symbol of new beginning.


Series 2


Grounded in the dense individuality of tuberose, Semalam is created for sensuous and treasured moments made to last, like a secret kept.


Series 2


Parna follows the brisk trails to secluded gardens of enduring tranquility, a virtual bouquet of green leaves crafted to induce creative minds.


Frequently Asked Questions

get to know us more and find answers to your questions.

What is reed diffuser?

Reed diffuser is a delicate way to scent your surroundings. It is perfect for use in every area of your home and office (e.g. living room, bedroom, and bathroom).

How do I use Camani reed diffuser?

First, you should open the wooden cap and remove the rubber plug. Place the wooden cap back and arrange the rattan sticks in the bottle. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space. Reed diffuser will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.

How many rattan sticks should I use?

We suggest to use 6-8 sticks per bottle. The more sticks you use, the stronger the scent will be. However, please remember that this also means that the fragrance oil will evaporate faster.

Should I light the sticks?

No, you should not light the sticks! Reed diffusers do not need fire or heat. Thus, it is safe to place the reed diffuser anywhere in the room, even in the places where you cannot always keep an eye on.

Can I re-use the rattan sticks?

No, you should not re-use the rattan sticks for neither different scent nor the same scent. After some time, the rattan sticks might not be able to absorb the fragrance oil anymore for example due to dust. That is why you should always use new rattan sticks. When you buy a bottle of Camani reed diffuser, it always comes with the sticks.

How often should I flip the sticks?

You can flip the sticks whenever you would like to have an extra burst of fragrance. Additionally, you can always flip the sticks when you notice that the scent is fading a bit. For best use, the sticks should be flipped once a week.

When should I replace the sticks?

You need to replace the rattan sticks when the scent seems to stop diffusing. If you have flipped the sticks regularly, but there is no reduction in the fragrance oil in the bottle, this could mean that the rattan sticks are over saturated or they are clogged with dust. This means that the rattan sticks cannot absorb the fragrance oil anymore and you need to replace them. We always give extra sticks so that you can use them as replacements.

How long does a Camani reed diffuser last?

The longevity of the reed diffuser depends on room’s humidity, air conditioning, the size of the room, the number of rattan sticks used, etc. When using 6 - 8 sticks, the reed diffuser tends to diffuse best for 8 - 10 weeks after opening. The intensity of the scent might decrease after the indicated time.

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